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My merits!

2010 First season in Competition

3rd place in Swedish Dragracing Series, SDL (of 28 competitors in europe)

4th place in SM, Swedish Championship (of 28 competitors)

11th place in NDRS- Series (of 42 competitors)


7th in NDRS-series (of 62 competitors in Europe)

4th in Swedish-series SDL (of 42 competitors in Europe)


8th in NDRS-seies (of 58 competitors in Europe)

5th in TOYO Scandinavia


8th in NDRS-series (of 73 competitors i Europe)

6th in TOYO Scandinavia

2nd in VärmlandsDraget (competition)


Took my licens in the class super comp and drove 6 competitons whit my dragster


1 place in NDRS-competition in Fröya, Norway

2nd place in Gardemoen, Norway

4th place in NDRS-series (of 110 competitiors)


1 place on Avesta Racet

Finalplace at Veidec Nitro Festival in Mantorp. Europes biggest competition. (Unfortetly the finals reined away)

7th in Sewedish-series (of 80 competitors)

7th in NDRS-series (of 80 competitors in Europe)


6th in Swedish-series (of 50 competitors)

9th in NDRS-series (of 60 competitors in Europe)